3. MinimizeOCI

-the person is instructed of the maintaining of the results, even developing further

Maintaining by self treatment- MinimizeOCI

This intended as a for continuig use after the first treatment. At the beginning the treatments are performed every morning for a week. Thereafter they are repeated often enough that the otoconia, that move during head movements and sleep are not accumulated too much in semicircular canals.

The treatments are performed in advance. One does not wait until the sight problems etc reappear, but cleans semicircular canals to avoid these phenomenons

If there is a drawback in the situation , this is a sign of a bilateral OCI. Then even the other side is treated; usually less often is sufficient Usually this appears 1 week to 1 months later than the first stronger test result.

The person gets graphical instructions .

Blood pressure, see earlier chapter .


Detailed indstructions for self treatment



Your reading has improved by 40%. With self-treatment it will reach hundred.