2. PractiseOCI

Treatment Method -PractiseOCI

Treatment sequence half a hour

With this process the problems found, by using TestOCI, are corrected.
The adequate training is required.

More detailed instructions are given during courses.

The trainer must have sufficient experience on method.

The treatment helps markedly in dyslexia and learning difficulties, it increases reading speed, correct reading, visual cognition, coordination and dismantling the reactive changes produced by these.

As for the blood pressure , see previous chapter TestOCI.

If the reading speed or reading correctly does not increase, the process is necessary in both
sides of equilibrium canals. Measure before and after the treatment. If necessary treat the other side and the results get better.

If initially with good treatment results on one side, the results decrease, treat both sides. Then the results get to preliminary level. The more difficult situation at the beginning, the more probably bilateral treatment is necessary.
Treat every morning continuously.


Detailed treatment description