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Liability Clause

The name of this method is readingOCI and it is intended to correct the visual component of dyslexia and learning difficulties of peripheral origin.

It was published peer-reviewed in Finland 2003, see later. Described as follows it has not been published outside Finland before. It has been developed, tested and refined during 7 years to this stage. It works in the Finnish language in the way described in the scientific background etc. parts.

The visual background of dyslexia with jumping lines, deficient word interspaces, forward-backwards reading (mixed vowel and consonant picture), slowness of reading and guessing are probably found globally in other languages, too. Effects similar to those described in this text seem probable.

We stress the importance to remember, that blood pressure decreases somewhat, when muscles are relaxed after the positional treatments and dilatation of blood vessels happens. With the persons who might have problems with this, a relevant evaluation by a physician is to be performed.

The positional treatments must be performed warily to avoid a possibility of too much bending of the cervical spine.

Neither the developer Docent Tapani Rahko, nor the work team of Kaleva Rotary club and the Rotary Organization, assume any liability whatsoever for the use, treatment results or health problems of any kind encountered during or after the use of this method.